Not even reverting to an earlier system restore point in windows XP has resolved the matter. I'm seriously fucked it seems. Damn! I'm convinced there is a problem with the connection on this local machine, but I can't find what it is. I hope to be able to solve it this weekend, unless I want to go totally crazy :(

After completely disabling my firewall, large uploads are possible, and don't time out anymore. Very strange if you ask me. I did however remove one advanced rule when I was toying around with TightVNC and OpenSSH, but unfortunately, I don' remember what it said. I tried upgrading to the latest build of the firewall, but that didn't correct anything. At least now I know what the problem is, and just need to find a solution for it :)

Note : this also means the problems I'm experiencing right now are not related to installing the latest MS patch for IE6.0 SP1, installing OpenSSH or TightVNC. The apparent reason seems to be my own stupidity.

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