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still possibilities on the stockmarket, even with a possible war in Iraq, and a definite tense situation in North Korea? I would think so... stocks are very low, and will probably stay that way till at least one situation - preferably both - is solved.

Would I invest in stock? Hell yes, but I won't. There simply is not enough spare cash to buy right now, and while I know that the stockmarket *can* be a good way to work your money, it also is risky, especially when going for the short term gains. I'm not talking days here, but 4 to 8 weeks. If I had been paid as promised, I would have bought more CISCO to lower my overall break even. That stock still has a loooong way to go before I'm where I started, but I think it is promising overall.

Joco will tell me I'm a fool for not looking at technical data, financial reports and such, and I know that... but markets (can) go up when they should be going down and vice versa. There is more to stocks than just technical data.

My first concern right now is to just sit out the ride and see where we end up workwise, and then see what can and should be done. Which reminds me : todays magical number would be 4735 (again give or take a few hundred).

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Cisco: Good idea lowering your running average, but be carefull... maybe wait a bit longer

It just had a nice run up since nov(aprox 40%) and since a couple of weeks dropping again

i would buy them at share price of aprox 11... but again, just my opinion

During oct/nov , a lot of shared were sold by the cisco board.. that bothers me a bit...but the chairman sells almost everymonth some parts of his portefolio... why's that ???

Anyway, long term forecasting looks good.
15% growth over next years...

Anyway.. you never listen to what i say anyway..
do what you feel like doing, that's still the best

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