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* While I was checking financial statements and incoming as well as paid bills, I noticed 1 bill that charged me for 2 months that I already paid. Apparently, the first payment went to another account number as the one they list now. I'll have to get in touch with them and have them take note of my prior payment as well.

* I just received a renewal notice for some of the domains I own. Total amount due pretty soon : € 129.00 - Damn, but I'm not dropping those names!

* I'm off to an IT Security seminar next week on thursday. I hope Dimitri will be joining me.

* I took care of some paperwork I still had laying around, but I need some extra things to file them in a proper way. Should pick some ordners up tomorrow.

* Need to send a mail to myself to remember to make copies of some things, in order to facilitate proving the error mentioned on top. I think I'll contact them in person on thursday on friday.

* I'm probably forgetting a whole lot of things now, but I'm having a hard time concentrating lately. I wonder why?! (this should be sarcasm at it's best)

Added later on :

* A new version of Movable Type (MT) has been released, but today I got a mailinglist update that a security flaw was found in A new version 2.61 has been released, and when I checked the MT website just a few seconds ago, a patched 2.62 version has also been released to fix the flaw that exists in 2.6 and 2.61. This is exactly why I don't upgrade to the newest version right away. I'll run my current version for a few more days and monitor stability and more possible flaws to be announced in the new version, before even considering an upgrade.

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A wise move. 2.6 and 2.61 had a bug in a file. Otherwise, I have few complaints.

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