Accusations and Ferrets

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Today really is a shitty day... the bright sun that was right there yesterday has left us, and instead clouds have taken over. This also means that we can't just sit outside and relax a bit, unless we wear a coat... And that was of course not the idea.

This morning we got a mail accusing "us" of all kinds of things, and that has in no way improved the already bad atmosphere. The funny thing is though, that all claims made in that mail, are simply not true. Hell, I'm not even gonna waste my time replying to it.

Yesterday we send out mails asking very specific things, but as we figured in advance, they are completely ignored. Ignoring problems doesn't make them go away, but increases them. Somebody is about to find out. And the guy from the union seems to have gone AWOL, as he is not reacting to my mail, and he promised a reaction on monday. If needed, I'll confront him with it once more tomorrow.

Something completely different : As I was ready to leave home this morning I suddenly saw Tisha (the small female ferret) hanging at the side of the cage. I picked her up, and put her back. At least now I know how she manages to escape : she climbs up to the top of the cage, squeezes herself through the bars, then walks to the side, and decends carefully. Funny thing is that she does it backwards. I tell you, that's one hell of a smart ferret.

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Aww, ferrets are cool. I'm a latecomer so I may have missed an obvious link but do you have any pics of Tisha?

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