30 and no place to go.


This is post number 920. If I think hard about it, I come to the conclusion that I have no life except my job. And my job both sucks majorly right now, and will probably be extinct in about a month.

Would that please me? Yes, in a way it certainly wood, but I fear that with the job, I'll also lose some people that I've grown rather fond of, and that doesn't please me at all.

In case you didn't notice yet, this is gonna be one hell of a whining post indeed. Why? Because I fuckin' can and feel like it. I'm tired (just returned from the pub where we had another tablesoccer competition game) and although I liked the presence of my friends and all the fun, I just couldn't concentrate or really get into it. We played cards and I did win quite a few hands, but didn't bother to count cards, and I even realised that in some games I was partnering up with the wrong person. That's about how distracted I am.

I got the brochure about the upcoming weekend in Drubuy as well, but even simple things like deciding what I'd like to do, or when I can/can't go on a weeked are too distant and difficult right now. I'll be thirty this year, and what have I accomplished?

I have a place of my own, but it is basically still owned by the bank for the next 12 years or so. Each month I pay nearly € 650 for it. Is it worth it? I guess so, but doubt it at the same time.

I make some good money in my job, but can't put anything aside due to the fact that I'm alone. I have to cover everything, all the time. No financial breaks for me.

I'm about to lose that job that used to be my life, and I don't know yet if I like that outcome or not.

I drive a nice car... but it's company owned. Same goes for mobile phone.

I used to have some spare cash on a savings account, but due to not getting paid, it's melting like snow in the sun.

I can be replaced anytime, and by anyone. Sure, I do have some value, but nothing special. What I know and am capable of can be done by anyone. Am I unique? I sure am... but I'm just as unique as the next individual.

Do I bore the hell out of you? I think so, and if you do too, you should have stopped reading when I told you about the whining part. You should have known better.


You most certainly do NOT bore the hell out of me mister. You are charming and witty and intelligent and fun and caring and NOT ONE BIT BORING.

I just wish I could give you a hug right now, and return a portion of the moral support and friendship you've given to me...

And I forgot to write that you're hot as hell. :P

1. Your quality of life isn't measured on the job you have, the car you drive, the phone you have, the money on your account....

You should know, after the good talks we had when i was in a dark -period, that money isn't the main reason of life.

Ofcourse i do understand that you have buildup a good relationship with some ppl @ work... you spend like >8 hours a day with them, that's more time as you spend with friends.... but do not forget.. it's a job! and there are plenty of other jobs in the world( maybe with a less beautifull car or less money, but it will give you the satisfaction you need)

Dark periods are hell... but you learn from them.
For example...after what happened the last couple of months @ work, you might learn to be more goistic when it comes to jobs/careers....

Anyway, i'm NOT the person to tell you how to run/manage your life.. but i'm surely the person you can talk to , about everything.

And paying the bill for an your appartement to the bank..be honest.. you're glad to have your own little place;.. where you're in command, where you can do whatever you do....

Damn, how should i say this: you have good friends, you are about to become 30, find a girlfriend and get happy dude!!


ps: Ash: he's not hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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