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I've recently gotten a rather promising brochure on a 2 day seminar on IT and e-security. Especially the second day would interest me, as it discusses "Data Protection Law and it's status in Belgium and Europe", "Cybercrime - Rights and obligations", "Criminal use of IT" and a few other things.

Unfortunately, the program of day 1 (Changing face of security, J2EE & security, online banking security, PKI and Banking and some more topics) seem less interesting. It's not possible to only attend the second day, and the quite hefty pricetag of € 1490,- (ex. VAT) is definately out of reach now. The same goes for some of the hands-on workshops and seminars that I spotted in another brochure.

Oh well... we'll manage without the knowledge for now I suppose, and maybe some day...

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