Apparently, it's gonna take quite a bit longer to add the USA & Canada trip photographs to this site. I still haven't reviewed them, let alone transferred them to my PC, while I expected to have done that already. I'm still pretty tired and for reasons unknown to me, in a very awkward emotional state. I think the jetlag is doing strange things to me.

Yesterday I had to hop over to the shopping mall 'coz I had put the ferrets bottles in the dishwasher to get them very clean before I left, but it turned out they couldn't take the hot water that well. So, there I was... 5 thirsty ferrets, and two drinking bottles that I couldn't use anymore. I filled a bowl of water and put that in their cage for the time being and headed off to the mall, in a desperate search for replacements.

Even though it was day two of sales, it was manageable somehow, and after picking up two replacement bottles (yes, there's always 2 bottles of water on the cage to provide backup should one fail) I also managed to get a t-shirt that was at sale. Is that worthwhile mentioning? Yes, it damn well is since I never seem to find my taste in things on sale, and end up going home empty handed, or with clothes from the new collection.

I also popped by the jewelers to get that ring I wanted (I mentioned it before) and after getting the correct measurements, it should be ready in 3 weeks.

To kind of make up for the lack of updates, here's a joke :

Madams dog has passed away and she goes over the the petshop to get a new companion.

The shop owner asks her how much she wants to spend on the new pet, and she tells him she's got only USD20 to spare.

"For that amount, I can't offer you much choice. I've got a frog though that you can have for USD20" says the owner.

"A frog? What the hell do I do with a frog..." she asks.

"Oh" says the owner, "but it's a very special one. He is very good at giving blowjobs"

The lady thinks for a while, and then says : "Ok, I'll take the frog. My husband will probably be happy with it."

When she comes home, she shows the frog to her husband, and he has exactly the same reaction : "what the hell do we do with a frog?"
She explains that the frog is very special and gives excellent blowjobs.

Night falls and the woman leaves her husband alone with the frog, and heads off to bed.

In the middle of the night, she's awakened by a terrible noise in the kitchen.

She jumps out of bed, runs over to the kitchen to find her husband there, wearing an apron and busy with frying pans, cutlery, and pots while the frog is staring at it all on top of a tupperware box.

"So, what's going on" she asks.

The man turns around and yells : "I'm gonna teach that frog how to cook. And if I succeed, you're history!"

note : while writing this entry, I decided to transfer the images to my computer, and put all of them on a CD as well. You can expect to see at least some small samples appear over the next days.

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