Snot, snort and cards


I just got a very nice 'get well soon" card from Esther, thanks a lot! I'm actually feeling a bit better after nearly 12 hours of sleep last night. I've partially moved from coughing my lungs out to sneezing, so I suppose that is for the better.

I got a call that the ring I ordered has come in, so in case my financial status allows it, I'll be picking it up later today. Since I already paid an advance on it, it'll only be another € 45 or so... that should be possible.

Note : After checking my financial status, it sure is not looking healthy. I just transfered the last euro's I had on my savingsaccount, and paid a few bills. One of them was due yesterday, but I forgot about it. The other one wasn't due till the 31st, but I figured that I since have the money right now, I might as well pay it. I know for certain however, that unless the situation is resolved in the next two weeks (around the end of january) I'll be bankrupt.


Join the club of the bankrupt ones !!!

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Thanks for the offer Joco, but not yet.

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