Small talk, major bullshit


It's been going on for the last week(s)... we are all eating our food around noon, and we're just silent, all contemplating the situation. Then "he" keeps on blabbing, telling stories, making smalltalk while we all think the same : small talk, major bullshit.

Instead of making conversation, he'd better come up with a solution. I'm getting more and more annoyed with it.


I can completely understand your feelings
I was part of a take-over once... and although it's not exaclty the same... we too were constant ly ignored, were afraid of our jobs...

We even got punished if we didn't work during the those days that we expected news, and that the company just said: next month maybe, you're free to leave.. but if you stay, you work or we fire you...(and no money)

lol... most ppl knew that if they left, they would get nothing from social security, and if they stayed, they knew they had no future in the company...

Take-overs/ company's going down.. it's one major bullshit, and the boss/teamleader has got to have the guts to step in front and say what's going on, and do not play with your ppl's mind!!!

If he can not perform like that, then, and this is just my opinion, then he's not a good boss, and he's an egoist!!!!(dunno if this is english)

Let me finish by saying:

Keeping your people means treating your people

If you do not show any moral towards the people that helped you make your company, well..then i hope he burns in hell....

Sorry, this might sound drastic, but after my experience with this kinda things, i learned what good people management is, and that money is NOT more important than employees!!!

I rest my case

ps: feel free to state any other opinions

I agree with Joco (I was part of the same take-over), but not completly!
I still work for this new company and I'm very happy there, but I do agree that the people management at the time of the take-over was very poor! I know now, that not everybody in this company is the same and there are good people managers to (like my boss)!!

Boyd is in the middle of a very drawn out messy takeover at his work. He's been working really hard the last few weeks helping the new company (who still don't own them yet because of stupid bank delays) work out their business plan for the next year. The plan which may lose him his job (he'll either be the lowest one to stay or the higest one to go). After seven months we still don't know when it will go through and when his job will be secure again (or vanished).

But the current owners have been very upfront the whole time and always kept people up to date. And his bosses have been actively trying to make things best for the employees, both those leaving and those staying. And it makes such a difference, none of the shit Joco had to deal with. Boyd is still very loyal to the company and wants to keep working there. All because of good communication and honesty.

Not sure how this relates to your positon but it does show that being upfront with your staff and thinking of their interets as well as your own goes a long way to building a loyal and happy workforce. You deserve to be treated like this too.

IKKE OOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (iemand spullekes hebben zoals: een vork, een kous,......) I NEED MONEY Bedankt op voorhand.

Was iets vergeten: voor de spullekes: mail naar: [email protected]
Dank u. Zal jullie eeuwig dankbaar zijn.

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