Ingredients and wrap up for last night and this morning :

Joco, Eef and I - Pizza - cocktails with exotic names like Blue Hawai, Hurricane, Jungle Sex, Blue Margharita, Sex on the Beach and something with a very long name ending with a kiss (Joco did write down the full name though... I think he'll post it in a comment) - Exhale with silicone strippers and not enough fun - Stripclub Reve's in Antwerp with Bacardi Breezer, and much hotter strippers (hell yes!) - Taxi home - Some PS2 - Too much National Geographic Channel on TV - some sleeping - breakfast around 14h00.

Enjoying a good night of partying and fun with your friends : priceless.


Name of the cocktail that made my evening:

Small comfortable screw up against the wall with a kiss...


Can't you post the recipe for some of these exotic cocktails here?? I'm very intrested!
The "Small comfortable screw up against the wall with a kiss..." can't be bad, I know Joco, it must have wodka in it!

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