Not getting any better...


I'm feeling like shit... throat is hurting quite a lot again, and my nose is just filled up to the brim with very nasty green and white slimes*. And, I'm certainly not the only one, as Stephanie is suffering from the same. I did feel better yesterday, so it might be up and down for the few next days till I finally am able to fight it all off.

The Bloglet subscribtion service on the left hand of the screen works again, after the guy managing the site made some changes. So if you wanna keep up with updates and get a daily mail with an excerpt of the entry when the site is updated, feel free to sign up on the left (free, of course)!

I sure hope the weekend is here soon, as I don't feel like sitting at the office all day long while feeling crappy. I'd rather be home and/or in my bed.

* Everthing you didn't wanna know in the first place... remember?


Eew. If it's just a cold, try Zicam... that stuff has worked wonders for me. And thanks for the stickers! I got them in the mail yesterday. My monitor is now happily decorated.=)

EEeeeewwww... nasty.

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