New Job?

During the night I was asleep - well, kind of anyway - and then it started... I woke up to a state of dream in which I was an airtraffic controller for a huge airport. The thing is that in order to get all flights scheduled, and lead incoming traffic to their slots, and get outgoing traffic in the air, I had to cough. It was pretty hectic, and my sense of time and reality got totally messed up. I could see the minutes ticking away on my ceiling (I've got one of those nice alarmclocks that project the time anywhere you want it to) while I coughed and coughed to get everything done.

I was twisting and turning, and every twist and turn just caused more irritation to my throat, thus also increasing the airtraffic load. After about 5 minutes I think I also got a fever since I was shaking and trembling uncontrollably, but I just kept on fighting my cough and the airtraffic. After about 15 minutes I slipped off into a more restful sleep, while my chest was burning as if I drank boiling lead.

When I woke up a few hours later, I did feel better, but the feeling didn't last too long. I got into the office quite early (08h45 instead of my regular 09h00) since I figured there wasn't much I could do at home. I'm feeling quite sleepy right now, so I might not make it through the day and go home earlier. Several people have asked me why I don't take any medication, but even in cases like this where it just drags on, I refuse to do so. Enough rest will allow me to fight it off... I hope.

I did crash in the couch again last night while watching "Silence of the Lambs", and when I woke up, "Queer as Folk" was playing. I turned off the telly, only to become an airtraffic controller moments later... Go figure!

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