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Actually I am wearing my brand new IAM CANADIAN Hockey jersey, and even if I say so myself, it looks friggin' hot! Molson sure did a great job on those shirts...

Yesterday Suzana and my sister did already get their card by mail (Suzana got a U2 card, my sister got a Austin Powers Shake it Baby card) and apparently the other cards are also flowing in. Steph got a "I don't even think straigh" card, Esther got one that said "Pornstar" and my boss got one as well, but I unfortunately can't remember what was on it :(

Last night my sis went to the postoffice to pick up a package that was send by registered mail since I couldn't make it in time, but she didn't get it, even though she had a full statement, including my signature and copy of front and back of my identity card. According to the dumbass from the postoffice, you need to bring the original identity card. To which my sister replied : "He's not even in Belgium right now, how the hell do you expect him to travel without his identity card?" but apparently, that was something that didn't change anything.

I've now requested for the package to be mailed to me at the office, so that I can collect it there. Which has lead me to the interesting fact that my post office doesn't even have a mailbox in which you can drop things. Post office without a mailbox... go figure!

I'm really not surprised that according to this article, most people in Belgium are not pleased at all with the current times when they can contact public services like administration, banks and such. Well, add the postal services to that if you ask me. They suck bigtime!

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And I got a card! *waves postcard and sticker* It got here today :-D Thank you!

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