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I had something intelligent to say - or even something entertaining. However, I have neither so I will have to revert to linking somewhere...

I just got a call from someone who got an old computer from his son (a pentium II) and he asked me if it would be possible to find a 5GB harddisk somewhere. I asked him why he'd want a 5GB harddisk, and then he told me that he was told the computer could only take a 5GB HDD. I said it would suprise me a lot if that were the case, and then he thanked me and hung up. It's so much fun when you get calls out of nowhere and get those kinds of questions thrown at you. Especially if you have no idea who's on the line, and what brand or type of computer they are talking about.

Link : Interface Escape - Top Secret Kid (via goateestyle)

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Last night, I learned that the first crematorium built and used in the United States was built by a doctor who's own daughter had been buried alive. He did not wish to suffer the same fate, and arranged for cremation upon his death. He was not, however, the first person to use his crematorium. It was used by a group who were promoting the "sanitary" aspects of cremation, becuase at the time, people thought communicable diseases were spread by "miasma", which were the fumes from rotting corpses and garbage. The first cremation in the US was a publicly attended event.

There's your intelligence for the day!

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