I almost forgot


Yesterday, I received one of the gifts I ordered online... And although I figured a medium size would be sufficient, I'm really starting to doubt if that'll do the trick.

Let's just say that the intended recipient is rather gifted with certain anatomical protrudings, so wearing it (or see the recipient wear it) could be well... quite interesting. I think it might even turn into a "How to turn a regular t-shirt into a tight fitted tank top" documentary. That is just in case the shirt doesn't shrink too much in the laundry. Should that happen, it would be more like "How to turn a regular t-shirt into a mindboggling and extremely pleasing and sexy visual experience".

Yes, I know.... I got carried away a bit there. But really, why not? Should I be able to convince the recipient to try it on, I'll snap a few (pictures that is... pervert!) to document my words. I'm off to wash the shirt now... at 60� degrees Celcius ;)


And you call ME the pervert?!?! Methinks it's the pot calling the kettle black!

Whahahaa... and who's the cook??? :D

*thinks* You mean she has big ears?

There's really nothgn wrong with a nice set of breasts.

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