Holiday resort.

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I've just returned (about an hour ago) from 3 days of fun in a holiday resort in Belgium. Was it relaxing? Yes it was! Was it fun? Yes it was! Am I very tired? Yes I am! We actually celebrated the end-of-year- festivities most people had around December 25th and 31st, since most of the family was out of the country. I got some very nice gifts as well : Subscription to CT magazine (computer/hobby related), 128MB Flash card for the digital cam, DVD's (Pulp Fiction, A Knight's Tale, and The fast and the Furious), and a pretty cool Kiwi Beer cooler to keep your beer cold. That's a little something Dimi & Marianne brought home from Newzealand.

Which reminds me I should check the photographs made, and finally get around to coding a page to list all current Photo Trips I've made. I should readd Finland, still add USA & Canada as well, so it's becoming quite a lot now. I should really kick my ass into gear and share all those memories.

I also gotta say thanks to everyone who joined us on the holiday resort weekend, and especially thanks Jess & Johan for organizing it all.

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*gasp* It's two words! *giggle*

(New Zealand *smirk*)

I'm glad you had a good time :-D

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