Hell yes, why not?

Just when I thought this day couldn't get any better, it did. Driving over to the BFL to pick up the ferrets was a complete nightmare. Traffic was packed and I think I must have missed the announcement that said all idiots are required to enter traffic at 19h33. Returning proved even more difficult as the highway was jammed shut and then a semi parked itself in a small car. Nothing serious and no injuries I think, but enough commotion and blocking to make the agony last just a bit longer.

My kids are back home now, and apparently they love coming home too : they jumped and jumped and played when I released them in the livingroom. Mind you, nothing has changed! It's still the same floor, the same carpet and the same toys they used to know before, yet they like it when they return. That made me feel good.

Before I went out to pick them up, I had something to drop of somewhere, but when I arrived it turns out my trip to the center of the town was totally wasted. Who the hell has come up with the excellent idea to put the mailbox inside the hallway, and then close the front door? People who work all day and want to drop some important things off later during the evening, don't exactly do such things just because they enjoy wasting time.

Now I'll have to return either tomorrow morning, but that'll be a pain in the ass as well, or try to get there earlier on thursday. Both options are valid, but cut into the time I should be spending in the office.

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