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Yesterday we got back from Canada, after a looong roadtrip (9 hours) but it was totally worth it. Had great times, I did meet all kinds of interesting people and had a good time.

I did burn off some hair on my head though, and my eyelashes ain't what they used to be either. Beer, wodka and grapefruitjuice combined with a huge bonfire seem to be a bad idea.

No worries, nothing majorly damaged, and although it might sound kinda scary, it sounds worse as it really is. I also got shot a few times with a paintball gun (thanks Martini) but I really didn't notice that till the day after... Once more no problems, but my pants are probably totally wasted. The funny thing is though that I was videotaping Marty when he fired at me, but it's pretty difficult to get a good idea of what's going on when you're looking thru the lens of a camera.

Canada - and especially the BBQ terrain - was rather muddy instead of snowy, and when we arrived, it even started raining for about a hour. Luckily everyone was clothed pretty heavily so everyone was able to withstand the rain without getting all soaked. It was also VERY dark, so by the time it looked like it was midnight and the new year was about to begin, it was only like 18h15 or so.

Seconds after the count of midnight everyone just vanished to go to the afterparty - in Parkplace motel, while we were in Sunrise - and according to those that attended, it was fabulous. We didn't attend though as most of us were pretty tired, so we just stayed in our room and had a short playpiercing session with OfficeFriendly (Jeff) and AEK (Ashley). I crashed shortly after it and woke up with a mild headache :)

Today basically consisted of sleeping in till 14h00 and then deleting lots of spam. I hoped to get a reply on the message I send to the two cuties, but apparently no one is in the office.

Note : It weird how it's hard to get into the USA the first time, but when we got back from Canada we could almost drive straight across the border. As if there are no terrorists in Canada :D

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