Fuck you man!

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This is so unreal... like we just took too many of the blue and red pills. And we did not! We just drank 3 liters of wodka, and now this stuff rocks. Does this make sense? Nah, it doesn't and thats exactly why I'm writing it down. Next week I'm finally gonna "celebrate" x-mas, but I wonder if there'll be much reason to celebrate.

Esther is home, she's overly tired, and I don't know when she's gonna be back. I actually SMS'ed her to ask her if she had a contagious disease, as we could stop by in that case and get infected too.

Yes, I'm loosing it, and I don't care about it anymore... something has gotta change very soon, or people are gonna get hurt. Hurt badly. (Figurative speech here. I'm not gonna kick people in the face... yet)

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Yes I know it really sucks and it's getting worse, we are all becoming aggresive bastards and that all because of the fucking shit we're in. I know we're not going to fight but breaking something is really tempting !

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