Feel Good vs. Fuck & Leave

Went out last night, after all it was friday, and that means tablesoccer competition. We even managed to win, and last week the team did the same. Yes, this means we are no longer at the very bottom of the ranking... for now.

I picked up Joco & Eef who both were into party mood, and I expect this to continue tonight. We'll be going out (just the three of us) and then crash at their place later on. I definately will be hunting for some pussy - waaaah, that sounds so derogatory, doesn't it? - since I need to have some physical tension released. Thanks to some people I've rediscovered the drive to actually get out of the house and do things, meet people. Hunting for pussy is a logical step I suppose.

I wished however that we would be joined by that someone special and all the hunting wouldn't be necessary. If my mental needs are fulfilled, the physical comes in a second place, so hitting it off with that special someone would certainly be wonderful, but her just being there would suffice.

So... what am I gonna do? I haven't got a clue since we don't know yet where we're going, but I'll be wearing one of my Team BME shirts. The first time I was wearing one, I had a girl shake her boobs to me. I mean... things like that never happened before! Yes, BME shirts make even the ugliest ones look better. I'm all for it :)

Note : After rereading this entry, I do realize that it sounds like I see women as pieces of tits and ass and nothing else. I certainly do not, as I respect everyone for who they are and what they do. I'm no heartbreaker, or one who just grabs what he wants and runs. Not at all. I'd pick a "feel good" relationship over a "fuck and leave" one any day. I don't even think I could have a "fuck and leave" relationship. It's just not me...

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