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Cy : you're very welcome! I hope you can put the stickers to good use.

Heather : Yes, it's nasty indeed... what did you expect? ;)

Ash : pots and kettles should be in the kitchen. Wanna come cook with me?

Shelley : erm, no, not exactly. Her ears should fit quite OK. Glad to hear you like the card and the stickers!

Heather : you don't hear me complain, do you?

Note : I did order two "I love to rub my duck" personal massagers and send them off to people in need. Apparently, most readers were too shy to enter the contest about a month ago, but I figured this would be a good opportunity to both help someone and get the thing reviewed anyway. Expect an update on this later... and that also effectively closes the contest.


I have a mother duck and 3 little ones for in bad but they don't vibrate, the only sit in the water and look at me like idiots !

Lol... yeah right ;) Of course they look at you like idiots, they'd rather vibrate as well!

a duck for eef ;)

Damn... I should have thought about Eef! I'll order one in Holland for her dude :)

Jerry, did I tell you that I killed mine too? I had to run out and replace it last night... Is there such a thing as too much "self expression"?

You didn't tell me Ash, but I heard from Krys that you two went shopping for bullets :)

Alas, no worries... ducks come in pairs ;)

I have a pretty fair idea tht Boyd will NOT like it if some stange internet guy sends me sex toys. So I just steered clear of that one :D

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