Facts & figures


Most noteworthy thing that happened today : Washed dishes at the office.
Most noteworthy figure tomorrow : € 4582 (give or take a few hundred)
Most noteworthy date in the near future : february 28th


4852 as in 4852 advance payment ?

No... 4852 as in total amount I still have to get, paychecks and costs made by me included.

or brut ?

Net... otherwise I would be a total idiot :)

Holy Crap. I've got some pop bottles you can take back to the store... they're worth .10 a piece!

Net or brut made me laugh. Here we would say net or gross, which is just as funny. Brut is a really skanky men's aftershave.

Lol Ash... well, if brut is a really skanky men's aftershave, I find that pretty gross :)

Not only is Brut a terrible aftershave, if you tack and E on the end of it, then he's an inconsiderate thug! Oh, you awful brute!

the smaller his post
the bigger the reply's get

maybe think bout changing FK into a reblogger site ;)

Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing Joco... Long posts get hardly any comments (because no one reads 'em I suppose?) and those very tiny posts get tons... oh, fuck reblogger :)

MT has a much better commenting system.

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