Does my face say : Dump your crap here?

Sorry about not having the pictures online just yet, but I've got other things to take care of right now. I just received a note that one of the owners in our building has contacted a lawyer to have everyone pay a part of the isolation that can be put in the new roof. Isolation only she will profit from.

Apart from that, I think it's pretty fucked up that she can't agree with a descision taken by the majority of the owners. Next time I'll see her and she says hi, I'll tell her to talk to my lawyer as well... this is exactly the kind of shit I could do without right now!

This means another meeting, losing a lot of time and probably quite a lot of costs before a settlement or final ruling has been set.

On a work related level, things are moving too, and I have to take some measures to ensure certain things. Another thing I need to take care of tonight, before I pick up the ferrets. Something that, by the way, will cost me around € 150,-... It's a very fair price, but if you don't get the money people own you...

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