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I just finished watching an item on Telefacts about Upper Dare parties, a Tupperware party for the bedroom. Everyone knows those Tupperware parties where a hostess invites friends and they spend the evening amongst women, discussing plastic boxes, sizes and possibilities to cook, freeze or heat them.

Upper Dare does the same, but this time they discuss and look, touch and feel erotic articles like slips, stockings, vibrators, massage oil and handcuffs. Apparently, it's a big hit, and men are not invited. I quote the "inventors" of Upper Dare parties : "Men would totally change the mood and sphere you have when there are only women". Thanks a lot for telling us men are insensitive, ladies, but I can see your point.

However - and I might be wrong here - they also claim a majority of women would never step into a sexshop and buy whatever they need for themselves, or their partner. These Upper Dare parties offer a solution to it, however at quite a markup. In other words, the stuff they sell can also be found in most sexshops, online stores and such, but cheaper.

Should I tell women to look and touch, but buy elsewhere? Sure, as a rationally thinking male I would, however, these parties are not about price, but about coming into contact with things some never even imagined existed, let alone being able to touch, taste and feel it while being in the presence of others they feel comfortable with. That's what it is all about, and I think it doesn't matter whether you buy something or you don't...

It does however make me - as an inquiring mind - curious. How many women own one or more toys? Where did you get them? Who took the initial step to get the toy(s)? Was it you, your partner, a friend, or did you just happen to bounce into it and bought it on impulse?

Ladies, would you care to post any comments on those questions, or the Upper Dare parties in general? I normally prefer full and open answers, but should you feel awkward writing your name (or screen name) when it comes to this, feel free not to state it.

Oh... and ladies (other ones though)... I'm wondering if you've had the time yet to test those "rub my duck" presents you got and come up with a review?


Oh yes, I own more than one toy. I've bought some at parties similar to the ones you mentioned, but I'm not very comfortable with that environment myself. I don't need everyone and their mother knowing what I'm interested in. Also, they often play retarded games at them, which are just embarrassing.

As you saw, we have quite a large sex shop here, and I'm not a bit ashamed to go in there and buy what I want. Despite the gruff exterior of the man working at the counter, he's actually quite helpful in demonstrating the products, and offering reviews of them.

I tend to think for quite some time about what I'd like to buy... not much of an impulse shopper that way. Really though, it's a liberating experience, one that I wish more women felt comfortable with! If they did, we might have fewer bitches walking the earth!

It's not just a party for selling though, it's entertainment. And that is factored into the price. (and no I haven't been to one but I've been to makeup parties and the principle is the same).

As for sex toys, well that's something I work out with my boyfriend rather than post about on the internet *smug grin* ;-)

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