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You know life is totally interesting when it :

1. turns around and smacks you in the head, or
2. smacks you on the ass, or
3. leaves you dangling without a clue.

Faites vous jeux, mesdames et messieurs! I for certain know that this entry should contain sooo much info that it would pop right out of itself restraints and become a story in it's own, but for some reason, I didn't get much further as doing really dumb things today.

I think I'll just blame in on the boogie, and the fact that I've not been asleep for over 36 hours, of which :

- I spend 3 hours in a car with really nice people
- 30 minutes at security checks and other post september 11th madness (10 minutes of standing in line, arms spread, without shoes and with an opened belt in front of other passengers not included)
- 6 hours and 15 minutes stuck in a plane, trapped between a father and his (?) three annoying duth boys in front, and a laterghic wife with daughter (too young) and a typical english soccer dad. Yes, that also includes the loud snorting, belching, farting and commenting that seems to be a prerequisisite for them. The father was a pain in the ass, and both mother and daughter were not doable. Besides, have you actually ever tried fitting in 2 people in those tiny toilets?
- 1 and a half hour on a Thalys train from Holland to Belgium
- about 15 in a car with my sister who picked me up (thanks sis!)
- and so on, and so on.

Stupidities worthwhile mentioning include slamming door while foot is still out of car, driving 15 miles to pick up ferrets to arrive there and realize that something is missing (their carrier), fighting bloody noses and extreme painful throaths, yet have so solution for it.

I hope to be able to have some kind of sleep, get rid of the jetlag all at once, and return to the empire of the living when I wake up again. Yes, I specifically said "living" and not human. I'm such a dork. And I even didn't get to looking at the +180 (prior to screening for quirks, unclarity and basic censoring) photographs I've got over the past 8 days.

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You rock, and roll, all day long, Sweet Jerry! I think your crap trip home was a sign that you shouldn't have left. But that's a biased interpretation...

You're sorely missed.

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