I really don't know anymore what to write or post here. After all, my life is pretty uneventful right now, and although the situation at the office is a constant source of stress and adventurous ideas, it is hardly worth telling you about. It's still the same shit, and it remains the same shit.

Apparently, the two ladies who agreed to test the Rub my Duckie personal massager (best adult toy award for 2002), got the package yesterday, and unwrapped it like two kids who get presents. When I read that, I thought it was quite funny... A review from both of them should arrive soon, and I'll post it here, as promised. If this testing proves to be interesting, I might look for new things to test, and post here if I need testers.

I'm wondering... if stress makes you feel bad, makes you lose all sense of reality and generally has a negative impact on your life - both personal and professional - can you press charges against whatever is causing it? For assault and battery for instance?

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