Are you ok?

Whahaha... what should I answer to that question? Actually when Steph asked me that exact question after I bursted out in singing, it got me thinking. Am I ok?

Let's set some things (how about 15?) straight and see where we end up :

01. I've got no money (-)
02. I've got no paycheck either (-)
03. I'm bored to death (-)
04. I continue having fun (+)
05. I've got lovely colleagues (+)
06. I miss Esther (-)
07. I've got a totally cool family (+)
08. I've got 5 incredible ferrets who I love soooo much (+)
09. My friends are a buch of wicked weirdo's (+)
10. I have no clue what I want in life, and what I want, I don't dare say (-)
11. I'm looking forward to the weekend (+)
12. I'm not looking forward to next week (-)
13. I can and will say what I think and not hold back (+)
14. There's some quite hefty bills coming up (-)
15. I'm healthy and love myself (+)

So... that's 7 negatives and 8 positives... I rock and roll,all day long, sweet Suzie*!

* Referring to the ever popular Kung Pow movie here...

PS : Something cheered me up bigtime today. I liked it a lot.

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