X-Mas Shopping : online of course!

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So... Over the past few days we've been exchanging X-mas gift wishlists and I decided to go ahead and get a whole load of things already. I'm still waiting for the list of Johan, Jess and Nadia, although I already have a gift for her.

The gift for my dad is't ordered yet, as I'm waiting for info on where I can get it. Hilda's gift ain't ordered yet either, but I know where I can get what she wants, and that can easily wait...

And, I don't know if it is obvious, but I hate to actually go out and shop. Especially around this time of year when there is just a mass of mindless shoppers out there. Long live online shopping! I intend to do all my x-mas shopping online this year, if possible of course.

And for those who think that they already know what they'll get : if you know your way around the web, you can get *everything* online :)

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In the past, I've boycotted Christmas and everything that surrounds it. This is the first time in 9 years that I've done any holiday shopping, and it's only reminded me why I hate it so much...

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