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Wednesday... only 2 more days and I'm officially on leave for two weeks! I'm looking forward to it, and that is kinda weird for me. I usually don't take vacations since I don't have anything interesting to do while taking them. I'm much better off at the office then I am at home. I'm wicked, and I realize it.

Shelley : luckily that's not the problem with the CC. They actually admitted to taking the number down incorrectly, twice. The expiry date is not up yet...

Any chance I can get a look at your new tattoo already? Or should I wait til you post about it on your blog? ;)

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I don't ahve any kind of digital camaera and our normal camera has no zoom. But my mum has a fancy camera with a zoom so I'll get photos done when I'm there for Christmas (in a couple of days). Then I'll have to get it all developed and scan them and stuff so it should still be several weeks. A pain I know. I've been wanting a webcam all year but never managed to afford one. It's healing wonderfully though anad looks really good. A bit itchy mind you and I'm having trouble being disciplined and not scratching it.

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