Technical Report

Customer : Joco
Reference : 20021129 - LiteonCDRW
Status : Testing completed
Result : Unit is in fine shape and working as it should
Advice : check cabling and switch unit to other controller if possible
Pickup : anytime
Price : € 0.00

I also installed the HDD cooler(s)... well, the idea was to install 2 coolers as I'm running 2 80GB disks in raid mirror, but it seems my case doesn't allow it. So I have installed just one and hope that it won't affect performance. I could create an extension to be able to fit the other cooler too, but I think it's not wise as it would quite possibly result in too much vibration on the disks.

Ultra quiet and cooling very well!

I used HD05010B1M4 coolers (brand is unknown to me) and it seems to do it's job pretty well. Only a few seconds after launching the box, I can already feel a very distinctive difference in temperature between the HDD's. And the cooler itself is very very quiet, I can't even hear it run.

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