Since I'll be off in a few days, I thought it wouldn't hurt to think about my new years resolutions already. It pretty strange how everyone makes resolutions around this time of year, while you can actually change or chase/realise a dream during the year as well.

OK... here we go!

- insert 1 day of vegan food a week (more info below)
- acquire more financial freedom and increase stability
- study possible investments for the future (on the long run)

Yes... that's really it. I refrained from posting things that I might accomplish, and might not. Sure, I'd like to find someone to live with, have fun with and generally like a lot, but that's not a resolution...

Vegan food. Yes, I can see you blink your eyes already and wonder if I've gone totally boinkers. Everyone that knows me, knows I love a good steak, a tasty chunk of grill beef and about everything that contains meat.

However, I've been exposed to quite a lot of new idea's and thoughts over the past few months, and I decided that it might not be necessary to actually eat meat each day. I skip vegetables too much nowadays, although I actually like them, but just find it a pain in the ass to prepare. So I figured that the best way to balance everything out it to insert 1 vegan day a week.

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