Started prepping for the upcoming trip to Ashley, Krys and a whole lot of other dorks... after all it's less that 14 days tomorrow!

Right now I'm listening to 223 MP3's that I somehow managed to select in my collection... all are either 80's related, disco related, before 80's or not related at all. Nice selection I've made, not? I intend to write some of them on a CD and throw a wild disco party while I'm over there... well, maybe :)

Tomorrow it's Alex' birthday party (he's celebrating his 1st year on december 16th) and I'm still in search of a gift. I know the little kiddo right now enjoys the wrapping paper more as the actual gift, but still... I know a lot about ferrets, but about kids? Nada!

Mailed KLM about the tickets today, no reply yet. I just hope everything is OK and they'll arrive in time. If not, I'll pick them up at the airport. Should start packing and prepping some clothes too. I guess that's something to do this weekend...

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