OK... here's a little quizz, nothing really difficult. It's just to see how good people know me. Below you find a couple of photographs of the girls of TATU (or Taty, t.A.T.u)...

Tell me which one you think I prefer. Click on thumbnail to enlarge picture. Cast your 'vote' in the comment section please. Feel free to add which one YOU like most :)

And to keep things simple, just vote redhead or black, or long/short, or use the names if you know them : Elena aka Lena Katina (redhead) & Julia Volkova (black).

Thumbnail - click to enlargeThumbnail - click to enlarge

"t.A.T.u is about saying what you feel, not what others expect," says Lena. "Be in love. Be yourself. We are."

Thumbnail - click to enlargeThumbnail - click to enlarge

Jess, Eef, Joco, Esther, Steph and Suzana, should you accept this mission your task will be to vote correctly... This message will selfdestruct in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - Pssstttttt!


I'm guessing it's the dark haired girl, because of the eyes and the mouth, but it would be cool if she smiled more.

I think You prefer the Red one, on the other hand I prefer......no further comment or I'll might be in trouble!

Difficult to say. You'd probably prefer a combination of both. Anyway, the red one seems to be most fun. The prettiest however is Julia. Still, I think you'd go for the most vivid/lively, which IMO is Elena.
Is this a contest?

The black one !!!

Jerry gaat die zwarte griet kiezen omwille van de ogen?!Heb ik gelijk of nie? ik vond deze is, voor ne keer heel moeilijk

The black one !!!!!!!!!! And she's free, the red one has a boyfriend. You didn't expect that from TATU he !!!

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