Ashley, you're right of course! I did indeed forget to mention which t.A.T.u girl I prefer most...

So... most people got it correct, although it seems especially Esther had a hard time deciding, even though she usually picks my preference out of a line up immediately.

This means the answer is Julia (the dark haired girl), although I liked Hilda's answer when she suggested a combination of both. And I can understand that there was a bit of confusion based on the photographs I showed online. Julia doesn't really smile on any of them, while Elena does.

However, when you look at the photograph below, some of you will see why exactly I pick Julia. But, I admit... Elena has a great smile ;)

Elena (background) and Julia (forground) of t.A.T.u

Those who read my blog on a regular base, should have known the answer... Take a look here or here!

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