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Pretty early indeed, but today the BME scrapbook(s) came in and I'm gonna study it page by page, word after word. It's weird how I am exited about it even though I know none of those people in person (yet).

My copy of the BME scrapbook - Randomly picked page (172-173)
My copy of the BME scrapbook - Randomly picked page (372-373)

Note : These photographs were taken from my own copy of the BME scrapbook, and cannot be used anywhere else without prior written approval.

I think that I know who's gonna get a copy of the book as a X-mas present. Someone who means a lot to me, although it might not always be obvious.


Oooo, I meant to tell you I got my tattoo last Saturday. Holy fucking hell it hurt! Luckily it was small because by the time he'd done the outline I was pretty close to passing out. But then for a small picture (about 4.5cm x 4.5 cm)there was a fair bit of outline (um, it's a neopet, a faerie moehog to be exact) and it's on the small of my back which is kind of tender skin. Filling in the colour was a breeze though and it's been no trouble at all since then so all in all I'm very happy with it. I'm not posting in my blog about it yet though cos I don't want my sisters to find out. I'm going to see my parents next week and I want it to be a surprise :-D I don't think I'll be getting another one though.

Woo! Another Neopets fan! Shelley, I had my most recent tattoo put at the top of my back, so it just peeks out from the collar of my shirt. Both the outline AND the fill in were HELL for me, even though I've heard that the fill is much less painful than the outlining. Having both my arms done (1.5 hours of outlining) were a breeze compared to the one on my back. I wonder if the different artists have something to do with it...

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