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I think I've returned from the dead... I left the office at 14h00 yesterday, went over to a supplier to drop off some laptops we'd rented for 2 months and left there around 14h50. Less than 5 minutes later I bumped my car into another car.

Yes, that's all I needed... a car accident. Luckily, it was nothing serious, and the other driver was very friendly too. Filled out the necessary papers and I continued my way home.

Got home around 16h00, and I jumped straight into my bed. I used my always successful mummification trick* to sweat it all out and I woke up around 19h00 to take off some clothes and breath more freely. Around 21h00 I got out of bed, took an aspirin (which I hardly ever do, but my headache prevented me from getting into a deep sleep) after which I fell asleep till 03h20 or so.

Woke up a couple of times, and was finally awakened this morning by some phonecalls. Took a bath, then a shower and while I still look like crap, I do feel better. My head is still spinning though, so I realize that I'm not yet 100% again.

Joco told me that a production unit of the company he works for suffered 31% of workers ill last week, followed by another 21% this week. It's one nasty thing doing it's rounds I think!

Those who might think that it was just a simple cold : I haven't eaten anything in the last 24 hours. My last 'meal' was 1 bowl of vegetable soup about an hour before I left the office yesterday. I can eat anything at anytime under normal conditions.

Mummification trick : hop into bed (preferably dark room and silent too), wearing socks, underwear and something warm for your upper body. Roll yourself into your sheets till you look like a mummy (might take some practice) and only leave your head free. Don't move and sweat it out for a few hours. You'll feel like you're burning and dieing during that time, but it has helped me get through all illnesses so far, without any medication. It makes your own immune system fight off any intruders, and thus become stronger.

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The mummification trick makes total sense from a biological viewpoint. Most bacteria can't live much above normal body temperature which is why fevers exist in the firt place and also the fever triggers all kinds of immune resposes. It's becomeing a common trend now for doctors to not give painkillers to bring down small fevers like they used, to because they've finally realised that that doesn't actually help the illness and in fact draws it out. Of course if the fever gets too high, specially in a child, then it needs to be brought down to prevent brain damage (I can't remember the exact cut off). But that's not common.

It makes sense from my personal experience too, when I'm sick, or even just very tired, my skin goes supersensitive (specially on my arms). And any kind of gentle touch or air current is hell, so being wrapped tightly then not moving is the only way to stop going mad *nods*.

Anyway, I hope you feel better soon.

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