More sleep & medical explenations


I fell asleep around 01h00 last night and got out of bed around 12h45 today, which means that I had close to another 12 hours of rest. I'm really starting to feel better now. This disease must have worn me out more than I could have ever expected, I usually don't need that much sleep. Taking everything into consideration, I've been sleeping (or resting at least) for at least 33 hours over the past 72 hours.

Shelley had a very interesting comment and explenation about that mummification trick... I'm starting to wonder if there it something she doesn't know :)

Shelley writes : The mummification trick makes total sense from a biological viewpoint. Most bacteria can't live much above normal body temperature which is why fevers exist in the first place and also the fever triggers all kinds of immune resposes. It's becoming a common trend now for doctors to not give painkillers to bring down small fevers like they used to, because they've finally realised that that doesn't actually help the illness and in fact draws it out. Of course if the fever gets too high, especially in a child, then it needs to be brought down to prevent brain damage (I can't remember the exact cut off). But that's not common.

It makes sense from my personal experience too, when I'm sick, or even just very tired, my skin goes supersensitive (specially on my arms). And any kind of gentle touch or air current is hell, so being wrapped tightly then not moving is the only way to stop going mad *nods*.

Anyway, I hope you feel better soon.

See? She knows *everything* and she's sweet too! Boyd, watch out! I wanna marry Shelley ;)

Note : Placed an order a few minutes ago to buy Cisco stock on Nasdaq. Order has already been executed and I have followed up with a sell order for a fixed price. Now the cisco stock can rise as much as it wants.


Shelley is indeed a smart cookie. I believe the point at which a child's fever should be lowered is 106F, as seizures and brain damage can occur, although it's rare that a temperature reaches that high. Also, it seems that letting the child experience the fever keeps them quiet and probably sleeping, so the immune system can do its thing and make them well much faster! (Hey, the quiet time is nice too...)

I would love European citizenship, it would mean I could go to university over there without paying full fees. I already tried to marry Boyd's soccer coach but he went back to England. So when should I pick up a dress? :-P

And the reason why it seems like I know lots is because I have a big mouth. I blab on and on about all the stuff I know and am interested in and then no one notices that I'm not talking about all the things I have no clue about. Of which there are many. :D

And I'm getting my first tattoo next Saturday. I went to see the guy yesterday and he is nice and has had his shop in this city for 16 years and I was very impressed by his autoclave (I can recognise good quality lab equipment when I se it). It's only small (about 5cm by 4.5 cm) but still. I'm excited.

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