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Incredible... today I received word that money was transferred to me. Yes, on December 6th I got my salary of October 2002.

And I even received an "advance" on the salary of November 2002 (which *should* have been payed in full already, so it can hardly be considered an advance, but that's besides the point).

This means I can start transferring funds, and finally pay some bills. Because I've grown wairy of promises I immediately checked my account and the above mentioned sums have indeed been transferred to me. Phew!

Yes, if you think I'm not that enthousiastic about all of it, you are correct. As long as not everything has been settled I'm keeping my eyes open.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's great that you finally got paid, but the real question is...
When are you gonna tell us which girl you prefer???

(No really, HOORAY for getting paid!!!)

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