Looking back : yesterday

I'm up and awake. A few hours later as I intended, but still before noon, so the day is not wasted completely. I feel suprisingly well, considering I had quite a long day yesterday. Arrived in Zwijndrecht at 06h05, started loading the truck, drove off to Hoboken and there we started unloading around 07h15. At 09h45 the first people were already drumming at the door, and from that moment on, it hasn't been quiet anymore.

Exactly 198 ferrets got registered for the playground, and I think that Karin and I each handled all of those 4 or 5 times over the day. Which results in about 800 to 1000 handlings a person. And handling can go from accepting it from the owner and putting it in the playground, to picking it up, separating it when they're fighting, to try to get it in one of the four litterboxes before the tail rises and poop shoots out. Especially that last proved to be very difficult...

Around five we closed the playground and started disinfecting everything, cleaning up and by 19h00 we were all done. I actually didn't expect it to be that soon! I drove home, checked my mail, took a hot bath and while thinking about ordering something to eat I fell asleep in the tub. Woke up around 21h30 and I went straight to bed.

I intend to make a short TO DO list right now and see what I can and what I can't get done today. Then I'm off doing all kinds of things that might not be terribly interesting, but that need to be done anyway.

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