Lol... do first, think later!

I think I've packed everything I'll need, except myself... I've just taken a nice bath, relaxed a bit, applied cream to the tattoos, and I'm ready to go on this trip I've set myself up for without realizing what I was doing. Lol... do first, think later!

However, I'm certain that I'll have a heck of a good time, even though (to put it in words I heard several times from others) :

"I'm taking this long trip all by myself, visiting people that I don't know, and basically just hope that every piece of the puzzle will fall into place".

Yes, that's exactly it. I'm nearly 30 years old (indeed, friedkitten is an old fart!) and I figure that if I don't jump into life and it's surprises now, I'll never do so. Last year I went to Finland on a last moments notice, this year it's the USA. Hey, if I got the means and the possibility to do so, why shouldn't I?

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