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December 1st... World Aids Day. Nothing more I can or will add to it. Should you want to find out more, click on the Link & Think logo on the left.

In Belgium, the Senate has approved a proposition that allows people of the same sex (whether it be male-male or female-female) to get married officially. Votes in favor : 46. Votes against : 15. 4 didn't vote at all. This is a first step, and the proposition now is send off to the Chamber, where the same voting and discussion needs to be held.

While apparently things are changing for the better, the law also states that those officially marrier same sex couples can't adopt children. Yes... I found that weird too.

I found out who the manufacturer is of those HDD coolers : Speeze. Should you need extra cooling for your box, take a look at their site... they've got it all as far as I can see.

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