We're leaving for Canada in like 30 minutes. Probably won't be able to check e-mail there, so see/read you all back in 3 days...



Results on Girly's examination:
Everything seems fine, but we have to wait 2 more weeks till results of labo are finished. then we can start/continue ....

The other important thing: today we finalised the buying of our house!!!!


Enjoy canada, and bring me some wodka !!

Dear ServMe,

What do you mean, you're not sure you'll be able to get your E-mails, in Canada? You're "pulling our legs", right?

I have taken the liberty to paste my response to a message you have posted on, at November 5, 2002 11:18 AM. I have no idea where those postings end up, on the said site! Do you?

Following is your posting and than mine.


Believe me, it's the cleavage to die for :)

OK... you've got a point, but isn't language a tool that needs to be used, and thus can change over time? I'm not saying here that slang is "the" correct way of using language, but I don't perceive it as wrong in it's own way.

Both slang and the 'official' decription and meaning can (or should?) co-exist I think.

Posted by ServMe at November 5, 2002 11:18 AM


Dear ServMe,

So, for you, "neat" means the "cleavage". Well, not for me! I'm sure I'm not the only one!

You see, personally, I'm not much aroused by women's breasts and the larger they are, the more I dislike it! I prefer "petite" women with small breasts (delicate, not flat) but with a ravishing "fanny"... A slang word (I beleive) with which I have no problems, since it means "vagina" (very vague term, by the way) in Great Britain and "buttocks" in the US of A! I happen to be a "gourmet" of both... "areas"... Erogenous, that is...

I think you just made the point of that person who's unhappy with slang!

I wish you a happy new Year!

Quebec City
French Canada

Posted by IXE-13 at December 30, 2002 12:12 PM


I can't wait until you're back home, i wanna hear all your stories.

Happy newyear to all of you.

We don't have the internet in Canada!
I hope you had fun here. :) Myself and Officer Meanie Head had fun with you!
I like your site...although I was a bit disappointed...where are all the fried kittens?? :P


You're right, I haven't got a clue how that post ended up on, since I don't remember posting it there, but it's mine indeed. I don't know to what exactly I was referring regarding the cleavage, but I totally agree with you... I like small to normal sized boos much more as I do large "hooters".

I'm not unhappy with slang at all, as both slang and 'official' terms serve a very distinct perpose.

Best New Years wishes to you too!

Jess & Joco,

Great news that is! Joco becomes a homeowner now, and my sister is celebrating her birthday tomorrow.

Way to go peeps!

I'll have full stories and pictures when I get back. I've around 180 pictures now, and I guess not too much will be added as my second battery is empty as well.

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