I suggest : Mucky Duck

Mucky Duckie - Adult award of the year

In case you don't know what xxx-mas present to get yourself, or a female friend of yours - especially if you/she can enjoy a tongue in cheek present - I present to you : Mucky Duck.

It looks totally innocent, sits quietly at the side of the bathtub, waiting for it's services to be required. It may provide excellent stimulation and relaxation.

Would it be a good idea if I offer to order and send one to the first lady to send a mail to [email protected]? In exchange for a full review, preferably with some discrete photographic material.

Just include full name, address and age (can't enter if you are under 18 years old I fear). After receiving the toy, try it out, take it for a walk, let it kiss and caress your lips, and comfort the beaver. Then get back to me with an original review, and I'll post it here (using only your first name, or a nickname).

Questions and more details also available at the same e-mail address. All entries will be handled in a discrete way.

Note : Just to make sure you all get this correct - This entry could have been called "Win a free personal massager" - "Vibrator Duck" - "Masturbate with a yellow toy duck you sick fuck" - "Stimulate the Wet Beaver Now Contest/Review" as well. But I thought that some brain activity to actually figure it out might be nice... for once.

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