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Damn... it seems like someone or something really doesn't want me to leave for the USA. I just got a call from KLM (once more) that they are still having problems charging the CC. It seems they wrote down the expiry date incorrectly once more...

Can you imagine that? I call them, give them all the details, then hear nothing until I call them back 'coz I still haven't received tickets. They explain that they have a problem with the CC, I verify everything and give them the correct data... Just a few seconds ago I get another call that something is incorrect. I correct them once more. I also explained that if they think they're not able to send off the tickets in time, they gotta keep them at the airport where I'll pick them up.

They figure they can have the tickets delivered to me in 3 days... I won't be shocked if friday or monday rolls around and no tickets have arrived. If that's the case... someone at KLM is gonna be in BIG trouble.

To be honest, this is the first time I've had any problems flying KLM, and I've been flying KLM for the past years. UK, Northren Ireland, Finland... always a good and swift service. I don't know what they're trying to accomplish this time :(

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Is your card close to the expiry date? I had problems with this once because the bank had the new date on file so kept rejecting the old one (even though the old card hadn't expired), but I didn't have the new card yet. It took me two goes to figure out they were writing down the right date and it was the bank screwing things up. I hope you get it sorted anyway. Go glare at them feircly. And I find it odd that you're worried about the tickets being sent. In NZ everyone uses electronic tickets now so you just give your name, ID and (sometimes) a booking number when you get to the airport. Much less messy *nods*

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