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Last night I got a call from my sister and she told me she got the results back of the blood tests done on one of her cats (Simba). It doesn't look too good, as he's suffering from a viral infection that cannot be cured. Some cats recover from it, but that's only a small percentage, and it could take quite a while. Right now he's on antibiotics, and he seems to be feeling better, but those antibiotics will not be able to cure him.

And... it's contagious, so there is a possibilty that her two other cats (Astra & Tigra) might be infected as well. However, since they don't show any symptoms yet, the vet is coming over today to draw blood and get them to the lab for a full test. If they are not yet infected, they can be vaccinated, and will become immune to the virus in about a month and a half. In the mean time, Simba must be kept separate from the other two, to keep possibility of the virus spreading to a minimum.

My sister is obviously very schocked by this bad news, as Simba is a very strong male cat, and only 6 years old. Luckily she asked the opinion of a second vet to see what the possibilities are... although that second vet did confirm the diagnose of the first one, she seemed a bit more positive towards the outcome.

At work a lot of things are going on at once : updates for several program have come over the past days, and as every good IT person knows - don't fix something that ain't broken! Unfortunately, these updates must be installed and we've got today and tomorrow to test the applications before I head off for two weeks. Quite a lot of very important meetings are scheduled, but I don't have to attend any of them, so I can concentrate on doing maintenance.

I was able to confirm my flight yesterday, and tickets should arrive today with a bit of luck. The return flight couldn't be confirmed yet as that can only be done in a period of 7 days in advance.

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