Funky biorhythm

I dunno, but it seems like my biorhythm has been pretty messed up during the last weeks. I can't even recall the day I had three meals at appropriate times. Sure, I've never been much of a 3 meal person, but still...

First meal (I shouldn't even call it a real meal as it consisted of 2 slices of pizza) I had was around 16h00 today. And while it's nearly 21h00 now, that's the only thing I had this far. Yesterday I had several pieces of croque-monsieur during the day (while working), and a few glasses of water & coke. I'm actually not surprised that my stomach has been pretty fucked up lately.

How the hell can I expected it to perform it's regular task when I skip 2 meals and then eat a quantity that would usually suffice for 4-5 people?

Now I seem to be adding totally messed up sleeping routines to it as well. All in all I'm doing a very good job I think... I'm just not so sure what I wanna accomplish. Maybe I don't want to get any result, but it is just who I am? I don't know... but I sure know that the days off of work have done me good, as I've been able to recuperate a bit.

I've been looking at some nice jewelry that I had spotted before, and I've decided to treat myself to it when stockmarket results allow. Feel free to take a look at the titanium and "edelstaal" collection of Amici or Feniom.

And now, dear readers, I'm gonna have something to eat!

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