Freezing hot and burning cold.

I'm starting to feel worse and worse... I've just come out of a meeting where it was freezing and now I'm upstairs again where we've got two blowers to heat the place up. My head hurts, my back hurts and I think it's really bad timing to become ill.

I fear however that I might not be able to counter it like I usually do. In 'normal' conditions I just ride out the week, and crash over the weekend, but since I'm needed at a big BFL meeting on sunday that's no solution either. If my condition keeps on getting worse, I'll head off to the doctor (erm... right... no money?) and get back up on my feet around friday evening or so... at least I hope so.

The worst part for me is though that I'm gonna have a hard time caring for my ferrets should I go down with the flue or something alike. Ferrets are able to pick up human germs and quite easily too.

Note : according to studies, in more as 75% of sex related cardiac arrests followed by death, sex outside of the current relationship is the cause. However, cardiac arrests related to sex are less than 1% of the total of cardiac arrests.

So if if you feel like having safe sex, you should have more sex in your relationship. Or no relationship. Or no sex. Or neither. I'm pretty safe :D

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