I've had it for this week. I'm off home, and to Alex's party later tonite. One more week, then I'm off on a 2 week holiday... finally.

Steph's having a hard time getting her conceptial work done for the exam on tuesday, and although she/we have been working hard today and done quite a lot, she's lost courage over the last hour. I don't blame her as everything needs to be written according to INCERT, but the exact regulations are not yet ready. Pretty hard to comply to regulations and rules that no one knows the details about yet.

Example... the alarm system is certified for a battery up to 17Ah, but due to INCERT a 30 hour battery support is needed where is was only 24 hours under old regulations. By the simple increase of 24 hour to 30 hours it brings the battery requirements to 29 Ah... for which the system is not certified. Right.

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