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After being in the USA for nearly 4 days now, I'm still having problems with the timedifference, although it's definately improving. Add another 5 days and I'll have switched to this timezone completely. Too bad I'll be heading home again then...

Yesterday I've mailed some people with a small update about what I've been up to, and I wrote something about "saying no to Rebecca asking me if I wanted a blowjob, in that club called The Blue Note". Let me give you some more info on that one, as Joco was already wondering what kind of a single guy I am ;)

Rebecca is a waitress at the club, and a "blowjob" is the name of one of those jello shot I told you about in the mail. Which reminds me of the fact that I checked with Ashley on how those are made (the jello shots, not the blowjobs), so armed with that info, we might be able to make some when I'm back.

Great sounding names those shots have too : Blowjob, Orgasmic Fantasy and such. Could lead to interesting conversations...

Note : Joco, don't dispear... Passing up on a blowjob in a club doesn't mean anything... Interesting things followed on saturday night ;)


Update on saturday ?
checking mail
no news...
keep me informed m8!!!


No need for you to make me a blowjob ;)

Tell us !!!!

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