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We're leaving for Canada in like 30 minutes. Probably won't be able to check e-mail there, so see/read you all back in 3 days...

And damn good too...


After being in the USA for nearly 4 days now, I'm still having problems with the timedifference, although it's definately improving. Add another 5 days and I'll have switched to this timezone completely. Too bad I'll be heading home again then...

Yesterday I've mailed some people with a small update about what I've been up to, and I wrote something about "saying no to Rebecca asking me if I wanted a blowjob, in that club called The Blue Note". Let me give you some more info on that one, as Joco was already wondering what kind of a single guy I am ;)

Rebecca is a waitress at the club, and a "blowjob" is the name of one of those jello shot I told you about in the mail. Which reminds me of the fact that I checked with Ashley on how those are made (the jello shots, not the blowjobs), so armed with that info, we might be able to make some when I'm back.

Great sounding names those shots have too : Blowjob, Orgasmic Fantasy and such. Could lead to interesting conversations...

Note : Joco, don't dispear... Passing up on a blowjob in a club doesn't mean anything... Interesting things followed on saturday night ;)

25 notes

After being awake after about 26 hours straight, I finally fell asleep yesterday night. Around 21h00 (local time, makes it around 03h00 GMT+1) Grant dropped in, and that guy is just plain crazy. Multiple personalities I think... and a free guitar concert as well. He knows the twentyfive first notes of every song ;)

Woke up, pretty rested and enjoyed the day... went over to a very big mall, stopped at Hot Topic (corporate store for punks that ain't punk, sorta) and Insani-T's where they have like the most insane T-shirts every imaginable. I'm having great fun and tonight we're gonna go out to a place called 'The Blue Note'.

Leaving for Canada on monday. More updates later on!

PS: I got some x-mas cards, and will be sending them off on saturday or monday, depending on when I get stamps.


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OK peeps... I've arrived in one piece, everything is great here, and I'm at Ashley's and Krystina's place now. They're even more dorky in real life as they are on the web ;)

See ya all in a while!

PS : Customs thought I was kinda suspicious travelling all by myself, and made me open the bag, explain who I am, why I'm here and such. But I got through...

Go Leigh, Go!


I've just watched an episode of "Babes in the wood" and I suddenly remembered how I loved that show. I'm glad it's airing again... Go Leigh, Go!

I'm off to try and get about 4 hours of sleep before Joco and Eef come to pick me up (thanks matey, you're the best!) and we head of to Schiphol airport.

USA, here I come!

Lol... do first, think later!

I think I've packed everything I'll need, except myself... I've just taken a nice bath, relaxed a bit, applied cream to the tattoos, and I'm ready to go on this trip I've set myself up for without realizing what I was doing. Lol... do first, think later!

However, I'm certain that I'll have a heck of a good time, even though (to put it in words I heard several times from others) :

"I'm taking this long trip all by myself, visiting people that I don't know, and basically just hope that every piece of the puzzle will fall into place".

Yes, that's exactly it. I'm nearly 30 years old (indeed, friedkitten is an old fart!) and I figure that if I don't jump into life and it's surprises now, I'll never do so. Last year I went to Finland on a last moments notice, this year it's the USA. Hey, if I got the means and the possibility to do so, why shouldn't I?


I've just gotten a call from my sister to wish me a very good trip and to discuss the last details. Joco called a few hours ago as well, to do some last checks as to when he's gonna pick me up.

I've started putting everything I need on my living room table and will start packing it all over the next hours.

If I got access to the web in the USA, you'll be guaranteed to get updates about everything that goes on while I'm over there. Photographs will be added when I get back as I'm gonna try and work off 2 batteries the next 8 days, so that won't leave too much margin for reviewing, play back and deleting on the camera itself.
I'll do all of that when I return, and will put it all online, after careful censoring of course :)

I will never change

Instead of packing like a madman coz I'm leaving in less than 24 hours, I've just wasted about an hour installing some switches and connections of the lighting on my bed. It might sound crazy, I know, but I've got two nice halogene spotlights on the top of my bed, to facilitate reading. They could of course also be used to shed a light on other activities in the bed... like sleeping.

Anyway, after having those lights for over 6 years now, the cables were still just lying around, and the on/off switch was crammed between the board of the bed and the matrass. Today while I was moving around in the bedroom, I got fed up with it and grabbed a handful of screws, a screwdriver and some spanners to tidy everything up. I'm happy with the results, almost professional like!

It's pretty weird how I always start doing things like that when I really should be doing something else. Sure, it's a way to finally get some things done around the house, but I've had plenty of time over the past few days. I've always had this behaviour, and I think I'll never get rid of it. I need a certain pressure to actually complete a task, and usually only start when time is definately running out.

By the time everyone tells me it's impossible to finish in time, I throw myself into it and give 100%. Sometimes I'm able to complete it, sometimes I'm not. The funny thing is that it doesn't bother me at all if I can't finish it, although I realize that if I started just a bit earlier (hours, days) I would have had no problem at all.

I've been studying by this method for years, and I admit that it certainly is not the best way to do things... It has worked out for me in most cases, but I also failed pretty important tests and exams because of my lack of planning. One thing that has helped me though is that there is only one reason why I fail at some things : myself.

I will hardly ever blame anyone or anything but myself for failing. It's me who should have started earlier. It's me who should have thought about certain things in advance. It makes you responsible for your own actions and descisions... Which is a good thing, I guess.

(See? Another 10 minutes wasted typing up the entry and proofreading it. I'm the best...)

Damn funny!


I just finished watching an episode of Frasier, and I laughed so hard I'm having kickups hiccups right now. Damn, but it was funny.

Edit : OK, we're calling it hiccups as well, but I seems to have made a little typo when posting it. Ashley - with her sharp vision - spotted the typo of course... I should have known it ;)


To everyone who celebrates this day : Merry Christmas.

To those who just enjoy the company and presence of friends or family, but don't celebrate it in a religious way : Merry X-Mas

And to those who don't care about all the fuzz : Enjoy your evening as you would otherwise... after all, there is no difference!


I found this highly enjoyable : Society (requires Flash!). Not because of the 'game' play, but it's just a stunning creation.

And because somebody must save the utterly bored from committing suicide, here are some more games :

Spank the Monkey (try getting speeds over 200 mph!)
City Jumper (How far do you get?)

As it turns out...

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My vacation has just started... really started that is, as I have dropped off the ferrets - my heart aching - at the ferret hotel where they'll be staying during my trip, and I received my tickets. Yes, indeed... the tickets have arrived!

Some people really looked strange at me when I told them I didn't have em yet - but I don't worry that easily - and as it turns out, everything is OK.

Something is weird though... I love my ferrets, yet now that I've dropped them off, I feel more relaxed and free. Sure they don't need that much attention, but they are on my mind 24/7.

I can see how people cannot accept that they are my kids - because they are just animals - but to me they are equal. I've always been more of an animal person as I've been a kids person. I do like kids, and I think I can handle kids pretty well... as long as they ain't mine. I want to be able to give them back to the parents when they get on my nerves, lol.

Update : I've solved the 110V/220V issue by getting myself an extra battery for the digital cam. Even if I take a zillion photo's, two batteries should be sufficient, especially when turning off the 2 second review and/or the display. I'll try and keep one for the BBQ, and the other one for the time spend in Michigan and while travelling up/down to the USA and Canada.

Common sense?

Apparently, this is something that is possible nowadays : Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife's Breasts Before Throwing You in a Cell at the Airport and Then Lying About Why We Put You There?.
(via blogatelle)

I wonder where some people's brain is these days? Do things like that scare me? Not in the least, as I have nothing to hide. I'm just a normal guy hopping on a plane.
However, if they decide to fuck with me, they can bet their asses that the world will know about it. It wouldn't be the first time that I used media to voice my opinion.

Ho Ho Fucking Ho

The first X-mas cards are already arriving! It also caused me to update my own list, as I'll be sending cards from the USA this year.

I added the people that voted for the sticker contest to that list as well, so they'll be getting 5 stickers and a x-mas card!

I've not scratched off much of that to do list yet, but I'm in no hurry... Plane tickets have not arrived yet, so that might be getting a little exciting, but I'll just call KLM if I don't have em tomorrow around noon.


Since I'll be off in a few days, I thought it wouldn't hurt to think about my new years resolutions already. It pretty strange how everyone makes resolutions around this time of year, while you can actually change or chase/realise a dream during the year as well.

OK... here we go!

- insert 1 day of vegan food a week (more info below)
- acquire more financial freedom and increase stability
- study possible investments for the future (on the long run)

Yes... that's really it. I refrained from posting things that I might accomplish, and might not. Sure, I'd like to find someone to live with, have fun with and generally like a lot, but that's not a resolution...

Vegan food. Yes, I can see you blink your eyes already and wonder if I've gone totally boinkers. Everyone that knows me, knows I love a good steak, a tasty chunk of grill beef and about everything that contains meat.

However, I've been exposed to quite a lot of new idea's and thoughts over the past few months, and I decided that it might not be necessary to actually eat meat each day. I skip vegetables too much nowadays, although I actually like them, but just find it a pain in the ass to prepare. So I figured that the best way to balance everything out it to insert 1 vegan day a week.


Has the world come to a standstill? Blogging visitors have dropped over the last week, at the BME site everyone seems to be asleep and everything just seems so unreal right now. Maybe I should head out and see if I might have missed the apocalypse?

I'm definately counting down now... 3 and a half days before I lift off to the USA. My dad & Hilda left for a cruise on friday night, Marianne and Dimitri left for Australia on tuesday... It sure is gonna be a strange christmas period this year, with everyone being out of the country. The only ones staying home are Jess & Johan, and Nadia who will be looking after the cats of Marianne & Dimi.

I'm gonna go shopping tomorrow and try to get some things of my To Do list done. Today I'll just be hanging around some more.


I got 5 numbers correct* on todays lottery!!!

I also managed to waterproof two pairs of shoes, have dinner and hang around being a lazy fuck.

Oh, I almost forgot. I've got something to amuse the easily amused...

Consumer warnings on products :

On a bag of Fritos: "You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside."

On some Swanson frozen dinners: "Serving suggestion : Defrost."

On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert (printed on bottom): "Do not turn upside down."

On packaging for a Rowenta iron:"Do not iron clothes on body."

On most brands of Christmas lights: "For indoor or outdoor use only."

On an American Airlines packet of nuts: "Instructions: Open packet, eat nuts."

On a child's superman costume: "Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly."

* in total that is. I managed to get a total of 5 number on the complete form. Not on one line. I repeat : not on 1 line. I didn't win anything, and I'm really wondering why the hell I even bother playing?

Large list...

Let's see what I gotta do before I leave on thursday.... which means ALL of this has to be taken care of before wednesday evening around 19h00.

- drop off ferrets at hotel (tuesday)
- pick up some extra cash in dollars (monday)
- keep an eye on the mailbox for tickets to arrive (monday/tuesday)
- clean the house (tuesday/wednesday)
- prepare and check emergency scenarios
- check for travel insurance (monday)
- shop for warm pants, scarf and more stuff (pain in the ass due to x-mas idiots)
- waterproof shoes and coats
- look into possible solutions for 110V/220V convertor
- select literature for the flight (+13hours!)
- pack everything (wednesday)
- probably much more that I can't remember right now!

Counting down

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In 1 hour and 20 minutes (aproximately) my holiday starts... I can still be contacted on the mobile till december 25th around 17h00 and then I'll be out of reach for everyone till january 4th.

In case of problems, questions or technical difficculties, contact one of the colleagues. If it cannot be solved by them, it'll have to wait till january 6th.

I'm really not a holiday/vacation person, but I don't feel bad at all being off for 2 weeks now...


I just got off the phone with my sister. One of the other cats has been tested already and that test came back negative. Tigra's bloodtest results will be in on saturday, so she'll have to keep her fingers crossed for that one too.

I've been doing some research on the web, and it turns out the condition is called Feline Leukemia or FeLV. Below are some resources that might be helpful for owners that are facing the same conditions. If anyone knows of better resources or treatments, please comment/post/mail!

- Cornell Feline Health Center / Veterinary
- Winn Feline Foundation
- Vetinfo : Infectious Diseases
- Feline Leukemia
- Chloe�s Web : FeLV

Note : Especially Chloe's web contains a rather long list to treatments that have been used to fight FeLV in the past and the results of those treatments. It seems a bit outdated (but probably still very valuable) to me, so always check with your vet to see if newer data is available.

Good & bad

Last night I got a call from my sister and she told me she got the results back of the blood tests done on one of her cats (Simba). It doesn't look too good, as he's suffering from a viral infection that cannot be cured. Some cats recover from it, but that's only a small percentage, and it could take quite a while. Right now he's on antibiotics, and he seems to be feeling better, but those antibiotics will not be able to cure him.

And... it's contagious, so there is a possibilty that her two other cats (Astra & Tigra) might be infected as well. However, since they don't show any symptoms yet, the vet is coming over today to draw blood and get them to the lab for a full test. If they are not yet infected, they can be vaccinated, and will become immune to the virus in about a month and a half. In the mean time, Simba must be kept separate from the other two, to keep possibility of the virus spreading to a minimum.

My sister is obviously very schocked by this bad news, as Simba is a very strong male cat, and only 6 years old. Luckily she asked the opinion of a second vet to see what the possibilities are... although that second vet did confirm the diagnose of the first one, she seemed a bit more positive towards the outcome.

At work a lot of things are going on at once : updates for several program have come over the past days, and as every good IT person knows - don't fix something that ain't broken! Unfortunately, these updates must be installed and we've got today and tomorrow to test the applications before I head off for two weeks. Quite a lot of very important meetings are scheduled, but I don't have to attend any of them, so I can concentrate on doing maintenance.

I was able to confirm my flight yesterday, and tickets should arrive today with a bit of luck. The return flight couldn't be confirmed yet as that can only be done in a period of 7 days in advance.

Not for kids....

Some of you might already have noticed, but I added another comic to the ever growing list of Web Links on the left.

I should however add a small warning : If you think Elftor is rude, or can't see the irony and humor of dead people 'play' in online comics, don't bother visiting Sexy Losers.

If you think explicit nudity, a whole lot of masturbation and sexy people can or even should be the content of a comic, Sexy Losers is definately one you got to check out.

Start reading from the beginning (1999)... you'll need it to understand some of the later episodes.


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Wednesday... only 2 more days and I'm officially on leave for two weeks! I'm looking forward to it, and that is kinda weird for me. I usually don't take vacations since I don't have anything interesting to do while taking them. I'm much better off at the office then I am at home. I'm wicked, and I realize it.

Shelley : luckily that's not the problem with the CC. They actually admitted to taking the number down incorrectly, twice. The expiry date is not up yet...

Any chance I can get a look at your new tattoo already? Or should I wait til you post about it on your blog? ;)

I refuse to give up!

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Damn... it seems like someone or something really doesn't want me to leave for the USA. I just got a call from KLM (once more) that they are still having problems charging the CC. It seems they wrote down the expiry date incorrectly once more...

Can you imagine that? I call them, give them all the details, then hear nothing until I call them back 'coz I still haven't received tickets. They explain that they have a problem with the CC, I verify everything and give them the correct data... Just a few seconds ago I get another call that something is incorrect. I correct them once more. I also explained that if they think they're not able to send off the tickets in time, they gotta keep them at the airport where I'll pick them up.

They figure they can have the tickets delivered to me in 3 days... I won't be shocked if friday or monday rolls around and no tickets have arrived. If that's the case... someone at KLM is gonna be in BIG trouble.

To be honest, this is the first time I've had any problems flying KLM, and I've been flying KLM for the past years. UK, Northren Ireland, Finland... always a good and swift service. I don't know what they're trying to accomplish this time :(

Off to bed...


Pretty early indeed, but today the BME scrapbook(s) came in and I'm gonna study it page by page, word after word. It's weird how I am exited about it even though I know none of those people in person (yet).

My copy of the BME scrapbook - Randomly picked page (172-173)
My copy of the BME scrapbook - Randomly picked page (372-373)

Note : These photographs were taken from my own copy of the BME scrapbook, and cannot be used anywhere else without prior written approval.

I think that I know who's gonna get a copy of the book as a X-mas present. Someone who means a lot to me, although it might not always be obvious.

Wrap up

I've been pretty quiet this weekend, when it comes to blogging. It's not that I've lost interest, but I just didn't have anything interesting to tell. Had a very good time on friday evening and later on when we played tablesoccer competition, and I slept in on saturday.

Nothing exiting happened for the rest of the weekend, just a normal, uneventful slightly boring weekend.

Which reminds me : there's some things I gotta check/do before I leave for the USA next week.

- Pick up some extra cash
- Check visa limit
- Check travel insurance
- Check whether tickets could be printed now
- Prepare a file containing all data concerning the trip for Jess & Joco


I just received a mail from KLM bookings, and NOW they tell me there is a problem with the Visa card, and they couldn't charge it! I only leave in 12 days! Apparently they tried to contact me by phone, but they claim the number they got was invalid.

Yeah right... if they know under what name and address I wanted to book the flight, they at least could have send me a letter concerning the problem, right?

Luckily I catched this problem in time and I hope to get the ticket early next week after they check with accounting on monday. Phew... stress already, and I haven't even left!


I've had it for this week. I'm off home, and to Alex's party later tonite. One more week, then I'm off on a 2 week holiday... finally.

Steph's having a hard time getting her conceptial work done for the exam on tuesday, and although she/we have been working hard today and done quite a lot, she's lost courage over the last hour. I don't blame her as everything needs to be written according to INCERT, but the exact regulations are not yet ready. Pretty hard to comply to regulations and rules that no one knows the details about yet.

Example... the alarm system is certified for a battery up to 17Ah, but due to INCERT a 30 hour battery support is needed where is was only 24 hours under old regulations. By the simple increase of 24 hour to 30 hours it brings the battery requirements to 29 Ah... for which the system is not certified. Right.


Started prepping for the upcoming trip to Ashley, Krys and a whole lot of other dorks... after all it's less that 14 days tomorrow!

Right now I'm listening to 223 MP3's that I somehow managed to select in my collection... all are either 80's related, disco related, before 80's or not related at all. Nice selection I've made, not? I intend to write some of them on a CD and throw a wild disco party while I'm over there... well, maybe :)

Tomorrow it's Alex' birthday party (he's celebrating his 1st year on december 16th) and I'm still in search of a gift. I know the little kiddo right now enjoys the wrapping paper more as the actual gift, but still... I know a lot about ferrets, but about kids? Nada!

Mailed KLM about the tickets today, no reply yet. I just hope everything is OK and they'll arrive in time. If not, I'll pick them up at the airport. Should start packing and prepping some clothes too. I guess that's something to do this weekend...


I'm gonna visit 2 disco freaks... and now they tell me :) Better take a big afro wig along, and some trousers with elephant pipes!

I suggest : Mucky Duck

Mucky Duckie - Adult award of the year

In case you don't know what xxx-mas present to get yourself, or a female friend of yours - especially if you/she can enjoy a tongue in cheek present - I present to you : Mucky Duck.

It looks totally innocent, sits quietly at the side of the bathtub, waiting for it's services to be required. It may provide excellent stimulation and relaxation.

Would it be a good idea if I offer to order and send one to the first lady to send a mail to [email protected]? In exchange for a full review, preferably with some discrete photographic material.

Just include full name, address and age (can't enter if you are under 18 years old I fear). After receiving the toy, try it out, take it for a walk, let it kiss and caress your lips, and comfort the beaver. Then get back to me with an original review, and I'll post it here (using only your first name, or a nickname).

Questions and more details also available at the same e-mail address. All entries will be handled in a discrete way.

Note : Just to make sure you all get this correct - This entry could have been called "Win a free personal massager" - "Vibrator Duck" - "Masturbate with a yellow toy duck you sick fuck" - "Stimulate the Wet Beaver Now Contest/Review" as well. But I thought that some brain activity to actually figure it out might be nice... for once.

21�F / -6�C

This morning I'd like to describe the weathercondition as "so friggin' cold it'd freeze my nuts off" should I go running out naked. Luckily, I'm not gonna run out naked, and keep the nuts wrapped nice and warm.

In fact, this is a great opportunity to test some of the clothing I intend to take with me to Canada. Even though it's only -6�C right here and now, and last report from the USA was talking about -18�C, it still gives me an indication. If I freeze myself at this temperature, I'm surely gonna need warmer stuff for the USA/Canada.

So, although I find it incredibly cold already, I actually like the weather.

Work �n Roll

I'm back in the office, catching up on mails and doing some maintenance.

Funky biorhythm

I dunno, but it seems like my biorhythm has been pretty messed up during the last weeks. I can't even recall the day I had three meals at appropriate times. Sure, I've never been much of a 3 meal person, but still...

First meal (I shouldn't even call it a real meal as it consisted of 2 slices of pizza) I had was around 16h00 today. And while it's nearly 21h00 now, that's the only thing I had this far. Yesterday I had several pieces of croque-monsieur during the day (while working), and a few glasses of water & coke. I'm actually not surprised that my stomach has been pretty fucked up lately.

How the hell can I expected it to perform it's regular task when I skip 2 meals and then eat a quantity that would usually suffice for 4-5 people?

Now I seem to be adding totally messed up sleeping routines to it as well. All in all I'm doing a very good job I think... I'm just not so sure what I wanna accomplish. Maybe I don't want to get any result, but it is just who I am? I don't know... but I sure know that the days off of work have done me good, as I've been able to recuperate a bit.

I've been looking at some nice jewelry that I had spotted before, and I've decided to treat myself to it when stockmarket results allow. Feel free to take a look at the titanium and "edelstaal" collection of Amici or Feniom.

And now, dear readers, I'm gonna have something to eat!

Looking back : yesterday

I'm up and awake. A few hours later as I intended, but still before noon, so the day is not wasted completely. I feel suprisingly well, considering I had quite a long day yesterday. Arrived in Zwijndrecht at 06h05, started loading the truck, drove off to Hoboken and there we started unloading around 07h15. At 09h45 the first people were already drumming at the door, and from that moment on, it hasn't been quiet anymore.

Exactly 198 ferrets got registered for the playground, and I think that Karin and I each handled all of those 4 or 5 times over the day. Which results in about 800 to 1000 handlings a person. And handling can go from accepting it from the owner and putting it in the playground, to picking it up, separating it when they're fighting, to try to get it in one of the four litterboxes before the tail rises and poop shoots out. Especially that last proved to be very difficult...

Around five we closed the playground and started disinfecting everything, cleaning up and by 19h00 we were all done. I actually didn't expect it to be that soon! I drove home, checked my mail, took a hot bath and while thinking about ordering something to eat I fell asleep in the tub. Woke up around 21h30 and I went straight to bed.

I intend to make a short TO DO list right now and see what I can and what I can't get done today. Then I'm off doing all kinds of things that might not be terribly interesting, but that need to be done anyway.

Deep Dark Night

Hell yes, you are right... It's too damn early to be up. Actually, it's 04h30 right now and I gotta be someplace at 06h00. I did go to bed, but couldn't get any sleep, so I decided to stay up and watch Deep Blue Sea.

It's not really my favorite movie, but it's ok - especially when watching it in the middle of the night ;)

X-Mas Shopping : online of course!

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So... Over the past few days we've been exchanging X-mas gift wishlists and I decided to go ahead and get a whole load of things already. I'm still waiting for the list of Johan, Jess and Nadia, although I already have a gift for her.

The gift for my dad is't ordered yet, as I'm waiting for info on where I can get it. Hilda's gift ain't ordered yet either, but I know where I can get what she wants, and that can easily wait...

And, I don't know if it is obvious, but I hate to actually go out and shop. Especially around this time of year when there is just a mass of mindless shoppers out there. Long live online shopping! I intend to do all my x-mas shopping online this year, if possible of course.

And for those who think that they already know what they'll get : if you know your way around the web, you can get *everything* online :)

No worries!

As some of you might have noticed, on certain occasions the main content of the blog has been unreadable for a few minutes...

I've been testing some new CSS functionality that will allow easier mood settings to be done in the future. A couple of months ago I already added the left and right GFX, but now I've decided to implement a main content mood setting as well.

I'm not yet sure how much I'm going to use it, or when it might come in handy, but I suppose it's nice to have the possibility to change the look with just a few switches and changes.

I might even use it in a few weeks when x-mas comes around, or when I leave for the states... Just keep an eye open :)


Ashley, you're right of course! I did indeed forget to mention which t.A.T.u girl I prefer most...

So... most people got it correct, although it seems especially Esther had a hard time deciding, even though she usually picks my preference out of a line up immediately.

This means the answer is Julia (the dark haired girl), although I liked Hilda's answer when she suggested a combination of both. And I can understand that there was a bit of confusion based on the photographs I showed online. Julia doesn't really smile on any of them, while Elena does.

However, when you look at the photograph below, some of you will see why exactly I pick Julia. But, I admit... Elena has a great smile ;)

Elena (background) and Julia (forground) of t.A.T.u

Those who read my blog on a regular base, should have known the answer... Take a look here or here!


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Incredible... today I received word that money was transferred to me. Yes, on December 6th I got my salary of October 2002.

And I even received an "advance" on the salary of November 2002 (which *should* have been payed in full already, so it can hardly be considered an advance, but that's besides the point).

This means I can start transferring funds, and finally pay some bills. Because I've grown wairy of promises I immediately checked my account and the above mentioned sums have indeed been transferred to me. Phew!

Yes, if you think I'm not that enthousiastic about all of it, you are correct. As long as not everything has been settled I'm keeping my eyes open.

More sleep & medical explenations


I fell asleep around 01h00 last night and got out of bed around 12h45 today, which means that I had close to another 12 hours of rest. I'm really starting to feel better now. This disease must have worn me out more than I could have ever expected, I usually don't need that much sleep. Taking everything into consideration, I've been sleeping (or resting at least) for at least 33 hours over the past 72 hours.

Shelley had a very interesting comment and explenation about that mummification trick... I'm starting to wonder if there it something she doesn't know :)

Shelley writes : The mummification trick makes total sense from a biological viewpoint. Most bacteria can't live much above normal body temperature which is why fevers exist in the first place and also the fever triggers all kinds of immune resposes. It's becoming a common trend now for doctors to not give painkillers to bring down small fevers like they used to, because they've finally realised that that doesn't actually help the illness and in fact draws it out. Of course if the fever gets too high, especially in a child, then it needs to be brought down to prevent brain damage (I can't remember the exact cut off). But that's not common.

It makes sense from my personal experience too, when I'm sick, or even just very tired, my skin goes supersensitive (specially on my arms). And any kind of gentle touch or air current is hell, so being wrapped tightly then not moving is the only way to stop going mad *nods*.

Anyway, I hope you feel better soon.

See? She knows *everything* and she's sweet too! Boyd, watch out! I wanna marry Shelley ;)

Note : Placed an order a few minutes ago to buy Cisco stock on Nasdaq. Order has already been executed and I have followed up with a sell order for a fixed price. Now the cisco stock can rise as much as it wants.

Crashed again

After being awake for a few hours (about 4 or so) I crashed again. I called in to the office and checked if I could stay home tomorrow as well, and it was no problem. I feel like I am gonna need it. I hope to feel better tomorrow.

PS2 : adult toy?

I don't even remember how I stumbled onto this link, but I thought it was an interesting read. Makes you wonder about the exact meaning (or moaning?) when some talk about "The PS2 experience".
Game Girl Advance : Sex in games - Rez Vibrator

Mummification trick...

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I think I've returned from the dead... I left the office at 14h00 yesterday, went over to a supplier to drop off some laptops we'd rented for 2 months and left there around 14h50. Less than 5 minutes later I bumped my car into another car.

Yes, that's all I needed... a car accident. Luckily, it was nothing serious, and the other driver was very friendly too. Filled out the necessary papers and I continued my way home.

Got home around 16h00, and I jumped straight into my bed. I used my always successful mummification trick* to sweat it all out and I woke up around 19h00 to take off some clothes and breath more freely. Around 21h00 I got out of bed, took an aspirin (which I hardly ever do, but my headache prevented me from getting into a deep sleep) after which I fell asleep till 03h20 or so.

Woke up a couple of times, and was finally awakened this morning by some phonecalls. Took a bath, then a shower and while I still look like crap, I do feel better. My head is still spinning though, so I realize that I'm not yet 100% again.

Joco told me that a production unit of the company he works for suffered 31% of workers ill last week, followed by another 21% this week. It's one nasty thing doing it's rounds I think!

Those who might think that it was just a simple cold : I haven't eaten anything in the last 24 hours. My last 'meal' was 1 bowl of vegetable soup about an hour before I left the office yesterday. I can eat anything at anytime under normal conditions.

Mummification trick : hop into bed (preferably dark room and silent too), wearing socks, underwear and something warm for your upper body. Roll yourself into your sheets till you look like a mummy (might take some practice) and only leave your head free. Don't move and sweat it out for a few hours. You'll feel like you're burning and dieing during that time, but it has helped me get through all illnesses so far, without any medication. It makes your own immune system fight off any intruders, and thus become stronger.

Freezing hot and burning cold.

I'm starting to feel worse and worse... I've just come out of a meeting where it was freezing and now I'm upstairs again where we've got two blowers to heat the place up. My head hurts, my back hurts and I think it's really bad timing to become ill.

I fear however that I might not be able to counter it like I usually do. In 'normal' conditions I just ride out the week, and crash over the weekend, but since I'm needed at a big BFL meeting on sunday that's no solution either. If my condition keeps on getting worse, I'll head off to the doctor (erm... right... no money?) and get back up on my feet around friday evening or so... at least I hope so.

The worst part for me is though that I'm gonna have a hard time caring for my ferrets should I go down with the flue or something alike. Ferrets are able to pick up human germs and quite easily too.

Note : according to studies, in more as 75% of sex related cardiac arrests followed by death, sex outside of the current relationship is the cause. However, cardiac arrests related to sex are less than 1% of the total of cardiac arrests.

So if if you feel like having safe sex, you should have more sex in your relationship. Or no relationship. Or no sex. Or neither. I'm pretty safe :D

Everyone�s going down!


Yes, I'm in early... I usually turn up around 09h00, but today I came in around 08h45... and to be honest, I don't know why. I guess I was bored at home? Nah, that's not it, as I actually wanted to say "fuck it" and stay in bed. I'm not feeling too well, and I've been visiting the toilet way too often yesterday evening and this morning. It wasn't a pretty sight :)

So, here I am : at my desk, reading mails and checking recent evolutions, while I feel like I should be at home, in bed. I'm tired, my body feels weird and I'm definetely not in a cheerful mood today.

Some weird things happened tonight : I woke up around 05h45 for no apparent reason, and feel asleep again a few minutes later. When I woke up this morning, I noticed that my watch was missing (but only after about 25 minutes) and I really had no clue as to where it could be. In my dazed phase I seemed to recall taking it off (something I hardly ever do) but I still don't know why or where. I found it in my bed between the sheets.

I just talked to Steph... she said that everyone she knows has the same symptoms (tired, diarrhea, dazed) so I think she's the center of a breakout of something unpleasant. Nice move Steph!

Magic Money...

On this day, the magic amount has risen to € 2850,78. For those who wonder, it's about the same in USD.

If I get no news or bad news tomorrow, I'm raising the stakes and take it all to a next level. I simply cannot wait any longer, and I fear that someone just doesn't wanna see the obvious.

Due tomorrow : € 534,76
Due on the 10th : € 99,16

And those are "just" fixed costs, not including actually living, food, and such.



OK... here's a little quizz, nothing really difficult. It's just to see how good people know me. Below you find a couple of photographs of the girls of TATU (or Taty, t.A.T.u)...

Tell me which one you think I prefer. Click on thumbnail to enlarge picture. Cast your 'vote' in the comment section please. Feel free to add which one YOU like most :)

And to keep things simple, just vote redhead or black, or long/short, or use the names if you know them : Elena aka Lena Katina (redhead) & Julia Volkova (black).

Thumbnail - click to enlargeThumbnail - click to enlarge

"t.A.T.u is about saying what you feel, not what others expect," says Lena. "Be in love. Be yourself. We are."

Thumbnail - click to enlargeThumbnail - click to enlarge

Jess, Eef, Joco, Esther, Steph and Suzana, should you accept this mission your task will be to vote correctly... This message will selfdestruct in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - Pssstttttt!

I cannot help it!

When I stepped out for a few brief seconds this morning, I looked around and noticed something strange. In all of the blocks behind the building I live in, there was no light at all.

This either means that I'm the only dumbass that has to get up early and head off to work, or it somehow is a few hours earlier as my clock tells me. After checking, I seem to be the only one that needs to get up this early.

Seconds before I got up, I did consider turning around, sleeping in and tell everyone and everything to fuck off. However, the fact that it's the first 'normal' (get up for work-)morning with the new ferrets, made me change my mind.

I'm off to shave and wash myself, then take care of them.



Tattoo robot. 'Nuff said.

While it would be possible to create a robot that knows all the technicalities, I doubt any machine would be able to create 'real' art with a 'human' touch. Tattooing is - or should be - a positive interaction between the artist and the client.

First the client needs to express what (exactly) they want, and the artist has to work on that, come up with a design. Then the design should be discussed, probably reworked, discussed more, reworked and finally agreed upon by both parties. After that complex artistic process, the technical abilities come into play.

Harry the addict?

I just got back from watching Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets... and I thought it was - suprisingly - good. Not excellent, but good. I guess that it might have been better if I had seen the previous movie, but still...

I do really suggest that someone chop off about 1 hour of the movie, as that would dramatically improve it. It's way too long. 2 hours and 40 minutes, come on!

What else happened? Nothing much I guess, at least not since last post. Just saw the movie, had a very nice dinner with excellent company. Oh, and my dad bought a race cart on e-bay. Both him and Hilda are e-bay addicts, really :)

Link & Think

December 1st... World Aids Day. Nothing more I can or will add to it. Should you want to find out more, click on the Link & Think logo on the left.

In Belgium, the Senate has approved a proposition that allows people of the same sex (whether it be male-male or female-female) to get married officially. Votes in favor : 46. Votes against : 15. 4 didn't vote at all. This is a first step, and the proposition now is send off to the Chamber, where the same voting and discussion needs to be held.

While apparently things are changing for the better, the law also states that those officially marrier same sex couples can't adopt children. Yes... I found that weird too.

I found out who the manufacturer is of those HDD coolers : Speeze. Should you need extra cooling for your box, take a look at their site... they've got it all as far as I can see.

Technical Report

Customer : Joco
Reference : 20021129 - LiteonCDRW
Status : Testing completed
Result : Unit is in fine shape and working as it should
Advice : check cabling and switch unit to other controller if possible
Pickup : anytime
Price : € 0.00

I also installed the HDD cooler(s)... well, the idea was to install 2 coolers as I'm running 2 80GB disks in raid mirror, but it seems my case doesn't allow it. So I have installed just one and hope that it won't affect performance. I could create an extension to be able to fit the other cooler too, but I think it's not wise as it would quite possibly result in too much vibration on the disks.

Ultra quiet and cooling very well!

I used HD05010B1M4 coolers (brand is unknown to me) and it seems to do it's job pretty well. Only a few seconds after launching the box, I can already feel a very distinctive difference in temperature between the HDD's. And the cooler itself is very very quiet, I can't even hear it run.

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